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Kass, Barry


1975 Independent Study Course in Cultural Anthropology. State University of New York Press.
1993 The Life Cycle Approach in the Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Course─A Review and Analysis. Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes (Summer).
1993 The Ice Age Hunters of Lookout Mountain. Orange County Historical Society Journal 22 (November).
2001 Review: Warrior Women: The Amazons of Dahomey and the Nature of War by Robert Edgarton (Westview Press 2000) in the Journal of Military History (July).
2005 Review: How War Began by Keith Otterbein (Texas A&M Univ. Press, 2004 ) in Journal of Military History .

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Kaupp, P. Ann

knapp-book2004 Anthropology Explored, Revised and Expanded. 2nd ed. 2004. Edited by Ruth Osterweis Selig, Marilyn R. London, and P. Ann Kaupp. Smithsonian Books.
2004 “Medicine, Law, and Education: Applied Linguistics @ (co-authored with Roger W. Shuy.), pp. 411-421. 2004. In Anthropology Explored. 2nd ed. Smithsonian Institution Press.
1978– Co-editor of AnthroNotes, National Museum of Natural History Publication for Educators.
1985– Editor (and founder) of Anthropolog, a Department of Anthropology newsletter, Smithsonian Institution.
2004 Book Review. Ancient Muses: Archaeology and the Arts, by John H. Jameson, Jr., John E. Ehrenhard, and Christine A. Finn, eds. Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 20: 139-140. University of Alabama Press.
2003 A Selection of Smithsonian Resources on American HistoryTeaching Anthropology: SACC Notes 10(1):31-33.
2000 Book Review: The Archaeology Education Handbook: Sharing the Past with Kids by Karolyn Smardz and Shelly J. Smith, eds. AltaMira Press, 2000. In American Anthropologist, vol. 103, no. 3 (September 2001):844.

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Lewine, Mark S.


2003 The Cultural Tapestry: A Course Guide. 5th ed. Cuyahoga Community College.
1999 “A Challenge to Community College and University Departments: Survive or Thrive Through Collaboration.” In Transforming Academia: Challenges and Opportunities for an Engaged Anthropology, AES Monograph #8, American Anthropological Association.
1995/1996 “Teaching, Teamwork and Technology: A Model for Program Development.” SACC NOTES, Teaching Anthropology (Fall/Winter).
1993 Discovery: A Course Guide for Archaeology. (With Marina Carlton). Cuyahoga Community College, 3 editions.
1979 “A Multicultural View of the Community College Setting.” Research paper, Nova University.
1971 “The John Gray Panel: Stereotypology of the American Black.” Master’s thesis, Kent State University Press.

Quoted In:
1995 Wright, Scott W. “Cuyahoga Anthropologist Encourages Students.” Community College Week (December 18): 6.
1990 Baker, George A., et al. Teaching as Leading: Profiles of Excellence in the Open Door College, pp. 194, 196. Washington D.C.: The Community College Press.

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Miller, Lloyd

Most of my writings have appeared in either the Anthropology News or SACC Notes. Following is a selection:
In Anthropology News:
1995 (February) “America Needs Our Help!” Commentary.
1997 (May) “Student Culture vs. Teacher Culture.” Section Column.
1999 (April) “Does Anyone Care About What We Know?” Section Column.
1999 (October) “Distance Learning in Perspective.” Academic Affairs.
2001 (May) “Beware the ‘Wave of the Future’!” Dialogue.
In Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes:
2000-01 “What Do Students Really Want?” (Vol 7, No 2, Fall-Winter).
2001 “Teaching Hispanicity” (Vol 8, No 1, Fall)
2002 “To See the Forest for the Trees: Reflections on Hominid Ancestry” (commentary) (Vol 9, No 2, Spring).
In anthologies:
2006 “Discussing Marriage Cross-Culturally,” in Strategies in Teaching Anthropology, 4th edition, David McCurdy and Patricia Rice, editors. Prentice.
2008 “An Accidental Anthropologist,” in The Tao of Anthropology, Jack Kelso, editor. Gainesville, University Press of Florida, pp. 170-184.

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Morris, Kent

Letter's By the Sea book cover2014 Letters from the Sea, Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing

2003 The Historical Development and Contemporary Perspective of the Urasenke Way of Tea as Practiced in California. The Edwin Mellen Press.





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Muckle, Bob


Ongoing (since 2005) ‘Archaeology Matters’ – a regular column in SACC’s periodical Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes.
2007 Reading Archaeology: An Introduction. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press. (a compilation of articles and book chapters designed as a supplement for introduction to archaeology courses).
2006 Introducing Archaeology. Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press. (a text designed for introduction to archaeology courses)
2006 The First Nations of British Columbia: An Anthropological Survey, second edition. Vancouver: UBC Press.
2005 From Theory to Theme Parks and the Man on the Moon: Archaeology in Contemporary Academia, Industry, and Popular Culture. Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes 11 (2), pp 13-16, 33.

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Shepherd, Deborah


1999 Funerary Ritual and Symbolism: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Burial Practices in Late Iron Age Finland. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, ed.-in-chief, John W. Hedges. (British Archaeological Reports, International Series; S808).
2007 Entries for The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages: Barn, Brian Boruhma, Clontarf, Coral, Offa’s Dyke, St. Eskil (Archbishop of Lund), Stamford (cloth), and Wat’s Dyke. (in press)
2005 “A Brief Survey of Views on Christianization in Karelia,” In Festschrift 2 for Thomas S. Noonan, University of Minnesota, eds., Roman Kovalev and Heidi Sherman. Russian History/Histoire Russe 32:3-4 (Fall-Winter 2005), 491-511.
2003 Articles: “Iron Age Finland” and “Finland,” Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World, eds.-in-chief, Peter Bogucki and Pam J. Crabtree. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons Reference Books.
2001 “New Connections for Ethiopian Painting Come to Light,” with Mary Schaffer, Illuminations, a Newsletter for Friends of the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, [2001]. Collegeville, Minnesota: St. John’s University, pp. 3-5.
1999 “Archaeology and the Social Meaning of Bearing Weapons in Anglo-Saxon Society before the Christian Conversion” In Ancient Warfare, eds., Anthony Harding and R. John Carman. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Sutton Publishing, Ltd., 219-248.
1997 “The Ritual Significance of Slag in Finnish Late Iron Age Burials,” Fennoscandia Archaeologica (Turku, Finland), vol. 14, 13-22.
1995 “Bear, Elk, and Fish Symbolism in Finnish Contexts” In The Symbolic Role of Animals in Archaeology, eds., Kathleen Ryan and Pam J. Crabtree. MASCA Research Papers in Science and Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania, v. 12, 27-37.

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Stein, Phil


2006 Stein, Phil (with Bruce M. Rowe) Physical Anthropology. 9th ed. McGraw-Hill.
2002 “Teaching Physical Anthropology in the Community College.” In A. S. Ryan, A Guide to Careers in Physical Anthropology, pp. 43-51. Bergin & Garvey.
1997 “The Teaching of Physical Anthropology.” In C. P. Kottack, J. J. White, R. H. Furlow, and P. C. Rice, The Teaching of Anthropology: Problems, Issues, and Decisions, pp. 183-188. Mayfield.
2006 “How to Combat ‘Intelligent Design’ in the Classroom: A ‘Panel Discussion,” The Bulletin of the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Society, 13 Spring). With Leonard Lieberman, John Relethford, Jonathan Marks, and Patricia Rice.
2005 “The Little People of Flores Island: a Lesson in Critical Thinking,” Teaching Anthropology: SACC Notes 11 (Spring): pp. 25-28.

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Stein, Rebecca and Phil Stein


2007 The Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft. Allyn & Bacon. second edition.




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