Archaeology Teaching Resources

compiled by Bob Muckle
Capilano College, North Vancouver, BC

Part 1. Textbooks for introductory courses that are focused primarily on method

  • Archaeology. 1st Canadian ed. Michael Chazan, ed. Pearson Canada, estimated publication date: 2008)
  • Archaeology. 4th ed. 2006. David Hurst Thomas and Robert L. Kelly. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Archaeology: A Brief Introduction. 9th ed. 2006. Brian Fagan. Prentice-Hall.
  • Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction. 1996. Paul Bahn. Oxford University Press.
  • Archaeology: An Introduction. 4th ed. Kevin Greene. Routledge. 2002
  • Archaeology Coursebook. 2nd ed. 2005. Jim Grant, Sam Gorin, and Neil Fleming. Routledge.
  • Archaeology: Down to Earth. 3rd ed. 2007. David Hurst Thomas and Robert L. Kelly. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Archaeology: Introductory Guide for Classroom and Field. 2002. Ellis McDonwell-Loudon. Prentice-Hall.
  • Archaeology: The Basics. 2001. Clive Gamble. Routledge.
  • Archaeology: The Science of Once and Future Things. 1993. Brian Hayden. Freeman.
  • Archaeology: The Science of the Human Past. 2nd ed. 2006. Mark Q. Sutton and Robert Yohe II. Allyn and Bacon.
  • Archaeology: Theories, Methods, and Practice. 4th ed. 2004. Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn. Thames and Hudson.
  • Back to the Earth: An Introduction to Archaeology. 2002. John P. Staeck. McGraw-Hill. 2002.
  • Discovering Our Past: A Brief Introduction to Archaeology. 4th ed. 2006. Wendy Ashmore and Robert Sharer. McGraw-Hill.
  • In the Beginning: An Introduction to Archaeology. 11th ed. 2005. Brian Fagan and Christopher R. Decorse. Prentice-Hall.
  • Introducing Archaeology. 2006. Robert J. Muckle. Broadview Press.
  • Linking to the Past: A Brief Introduction to Archaeology. 2004. Kenneth L. Feder. Oxford.
  • Out of the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology. 1993. David Webster, Susan Evans, and William Sanders. McGraw-Hill

Part 2. Textbooks for introductory courses that combine archaeology and world prehistory

  • Ancient Lives: An introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory. 3rd ed. 2007. Brian Fagan. Prentice-Hall.
  • Ancient Preludes. 2nd ed. 2002. D. Bruce Dickson and David L. Carlsen. Eddie Bowers Publishing.
  • Exploring Prehistory: How Archaeology Reveals Our Past. 2nd ed. 2006. Pam J. Crabtree and Douglas V. Campana. McGraw-Hill.
  • Images of the Past. 5th ed. T. Douglas Price and Gary M. Feinman. McGraw-Hill. 2008.
  • The Past in Perspective: An Introduction to Human Prehistory. 4th ed. 2007. Kenneth L. Feder. McGraw-Hill.
  • People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Prehistory. 12th ed. 2007. Brian Fagan. Prentice-Hall.

Part 3. Textbooks for introductory courses that combine archaeology and physical/biological anthropology

  • Human Antiquity: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 5th ed. 2007. Kenneth L. Feder and Michael A. Park. McGraw-Hill.
  • Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 2002. Carol Ember, Melvin Ember, and Peter N. Peregrine. Prentice-Hall.
  • Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 5th ed. 1995. Clifford J. Jolly and Randall White. McGraw-Hill.
  • Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 2nd ed. 2006. Conrad Kottack. McGraw-Hill.
  • The Record of the Past: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 2000. Christopher R. Decorse. Prentice-Hall.
  • Understanding Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. 9th ed. 2007. Barry Lewis, Robert Jurmain, and Lynn Kilgore. Thomson/Wadsworth.

Part 4. Supplementary readers for introductory archaeology courses

  • Annual Editions: Archaeology. 8th ed. 2007. Marie Pritchard-Parker and Elvio Angeloni. McGraw-Hill.
  • Archaeology: Original Readings in Method and Practice. 2002. Peter N. Peregrine, Carol R. Ember, and Melvin Ember. Prentice-Hall.
  • Exploring the Past: Readings in Archaeology. 2000. James M. Bayman and Miriam Stark. Carolina Academic Press.
  • Lessons from the Past: An Introductory Reader in Archaeology. 1999. Kenneth L. Feder. McGraw-Hill.
  • Reading Archaeology: An Introduction. Robert J. Muckle. 2007. Broadview Press.

Part 5. Supplementary workbooks and CD ROMs for introductory archaeology courses

  • Adventures in Fugawiland: A Computerized Simulation in Archaeology, with CD ROM. 3rd ed. 2002. Douglas Price and Birgitte Gebauer. McGraw-Hill.
  • Doing Archaeology: A Hands-On Laboratory Manual. 1998. Patricia Rice. McGraw-Hill.
  • Doing Historical Archaeology: Exercises Using Documentary, Oral, and Material Evidence. 1994. Russell J. Barber. Prentice-Hall.
  • The Theory and Practice of Archaeology: A Workbook. 3rd. ed. 2005. Thomas Patterson. Prentice-Hall.
  • Virtual Dig: A Simulated Archaeological Excavation of a Middle Palaeolithic Site in France, with CD ROM. 2nd ed. 2003. Harold Dibble, Shannon McPherron, and Barbara Roth. Prentice-Hall.

Part 6. Supplementary case studies

  • A Village of Outcasts – Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site. 1994. Kenneth L. Feder. McGraw-Hill.
  • Awatimarka – The Ethnoarchaeology of an Andean Herding Community. 1995. Lawrence A. Kunar. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Camden, Historical Archaeology in the South Carolina Backcountry. 2006. Kenneth E. Lewis. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Copan – The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Maya Kingdom. 2000. David L. Webster, Ann Corine Freter, and Nancy Gonlin. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Etlatongo – Social Complexity, Interaction, and Village Life in the Mixteca Alta of Oaxaca, Mexico. 2004. Jeffrey P. Blomster. Thomson/Wadsworth. 2004.
  • Khok Phanom Di – Prehistoric Adaptation to the World’s Richest Habitat. 2002. Charles Higham and Rachanie Thosarat. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Lambert Farm – Public Archaeology and Canine Burials Along Narrangansett Bay. 2002. Jordan E. Kerber. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Life in the Pueblo – Understanding the Past Through Archaeology. 1998. Kathryn Kamp. Waveland.
  • Plants and People in Ancient Ecuador – The Ethnobotany of the Jama River Valley. 2004. Deborah M. Pearsall. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Purisimeno Chumash Prehistory – Maritime Adaptations Along the Southern California Coast. 1996. Michael Glassow. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • The Ceren Site – A Prehistoric Village Buried by Volcanic Ash in Central America. 2nd ed. 2006. Payson Sheets. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • The Pithouses of Keatley Creek – Complex Hunter-Gatherers of the Northwest Plateau. 2002. Brian Hayden. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Towards a Social History of Archaeology in the United States. 1995. Thomas C. Patterson. Thomson/Wadsworth.
  • Tropical Forest Archaeology in Western Pichincha, Ecuador. 2004. Ronald D. Lippi. Thomson/Wadsworth.

Part 7. Web resources

Part 8. Film