Teacher of the Year Award

Award Information

Description:  SACC would like to recognize undergraduate teachers of community and four-year colleges who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in their teaching that took into account different learning abilities and backgrounds, or who have established outstanding field schools or community projects that have been shown to make a difference in the lives of their students, and, if appropriate, to the community.

Eligibility:  The candidate need not be a member of SACC but must be nominated by a  SACC member or an active participant in SACC activities.  The candidate should be in the beginning of their career or in mid-career. Candidate may be a full-time, part-time, or adjunct instructor.

Prize: $500 and registration fee waived to give a presentation at SACC’s 2017 meeting in Boise, Idaho from April 5-8th, 2017.

Submission Information:  The nominating letter and additional letters of support that demonstrate the nominee’s qualifications should be sent as e-mail attachments.  The additional letters can be from no more than four colleagues and/or students and should be no more than five pages each. The nomination packet should include the candidate’s resume/CV and a first-person narrative illustrating qualification for this award. Submissions should not exceed 25 pages. Faculty not chosen in the current year may be considered again the next year.

Application Submission Deadline:  December 15, 2016

Application Procedure:  Please submit the nomination packet in DOC or PDF format on our awards page during the nomination period, which is every year from September 15th – December 15th.

Selection will be made in January 2017.  The winner will be announced at SACC’s annual meeting in Boise, Idaho from April 5-8th, 2017.